Extra long stoker boom?

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Extra long stoker boom?

Beitragvon Antony » Do Mär 26, 2009 10:56 pm

When buying a 2007 model steel Pino last year, I decided not to order the extra-long +10cm stoker boom. Oops. Being 196cm I should have known better. Any advice on how to get more stoker boom extension, as cheaply as possible?

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Re: Extra long stoker boom?

Beitragvon Wildcate » Mo Mär 30, 2009 2:03 pm

If you have long legs and if you are not sharing the stoker position with a shorter-legged person, you might consider to get yourself longer crank arms, fitting your leg length.
Recommended crank size is about 19-21% of your leg length (stand on floor in socks, back against a wall, and measure from crotch to floor; you can wedge a book between the legs as far up as it will go and measure from the top of the book, to make things a bit easier). Average leg length will result in a 170 mm crank, though for recumbents, I'd recommend cranks on the shorter end of the spectrum - choose 19% of leg length over 20 or 21%.

Hope that helps!

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