Cheap kickstand = crushed chainstays

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Cheap kickstand = crushed chainstays

Beitragvon Antony » Mo Okt 26, 2009 11:00 pm

The price of the double-kickstand seemed way too much at first, but in hindsight it might have been the better deal. After a year and a half, and three loaded weekend tours, it looks like our steel Pino has frame damage.

The simple rear kickstand looked sturdy enough, in fact it's still in great condition. Unfortunately it did a bad job of transferring force to the frame, gouging two 2mm deep gouges in the chainstays. The edge of the drive-side dent feels like it might actually be a shear crack in the frame. :shock:

Kickstand failure wouldn't be totally unreasonable - after all, we did use it for loaded touring. It's the kickstand bending the frame that has me frustrated. :(

Anyone else have this happen? I've spoken with the local Hase dealer, but there's not exactly a huge Pino market here in Canada so I'm not expecting much help.
Pino_1_Kickstand.JPG (40.41 KiB) 1492 mal betrachtet
Pino_3_Big_Picture.JPG (52.12 KiB) 1493 mal betrachtet
Pino_6_Dent_Detail.JPG (45.22 KiB) 1493 mal betrachtet

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