Largest rear brake for Pino-2?

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Largest rear brake for Pino-2?

Beitragvon Antony » Mi Mär 10, 2010 8:26 pm

Hi all, I've read through the discussion of brake upgrades here, but haven't found a clear answer about rear brake upgrade possibilities.

I've got the 180mm rear rotor and am trying to upgrade to something with better heat dissipation. From measuring the gap between rotor and frame, it looks like there's just enough room to fit a 203mm rotor on the back. However, I hear that the necessary +23mm adapter won't fit against the frame.

Upgrading the front rotor would be nice, but my bike came with the flimsy Spinner Grind fork and I don't trust it to stand up to hard braking with a 180mm rotor, much less anything stronger.

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Re: Largest rear brake for Pino-2?

Beitragvon mtriclin » Mi Mär 24, 2010 5:16 pm


In the freench web site of the Pino owners, a couple of riders (actually in Argentina with a tandem PINO) had a problem with his fork "Grind 1)
Pictures here : ... .php?id=12

I think you should be very carefull if you upgrade you breaking system with a 203mm disk. Hasebikes told me at the last show in Paris, a bad breaking system could break the fork like the problem of "Globetandemiste". Hasebikes told me the change "something" to avoid this problem in their last production tandem, but when i don't know.

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